Quality consulting

Quality consulting

ISC-SCIENCE has more than 20 years of experience providing consultancy services in analytical laboratories in sectors such as agri-food and environmental, among others, throughout Spain.

Our team consists of chemical analysis professionals with extensive experience in different testing techniques and laboratory management.

Because we are convinced that each laboratory is unique, we study the needs of each one, meeting with them until we understand what they really need in order to develop our proposal adjusted to the achievement of the objectives agreed with the laboratory.

The development, verification and validation of test methods, the calculation of uncertainties, the design of quality control plans, the development and use of calculation tools, data management and LIMS, internal audits, document management or the treatment and drafting of non-conformities are some of the activities most demanded by our customers.

Objectives of quality consulting

The ultimate goal of the quality consultancy proposed by ISC-Science is to offer the client fast and effective solutions in relation to the design and implementation of quality management systems.

The development of test methods and their implementation in the laboratory management system is based on the criteria of the reference standards UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 and UNE-EN ISO 9001, taking into account all the necessary stages of the project (system design, method development, method validation, drafting of procedures and personnel training).


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When one of our clients demands our consulting services, the first thing we do is to meet with them to discover their real needs, as well as to know their expectations so that we can design a service that, adjusting to their demands, can be able to solve their problems in the field of quality.


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Once the situation has been evaluated, we proceed to prepare a proposal that is agreed upon with the laboratory in order to offer a service that faithfully adjusts to the laboratory’s needs and resources so that it does not pay for a service that it does not use or contract a service that does not meet its demands.


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The consultancy work is carried out in close collaboration with the laboratory personnel identified as interlocutor and may include activities ranging from the design and development of a spreadsheet to solve a specific problem to the complete implementation of a quality management system, including the design and development of test methods, the implementation of these methods in the laboratory management system or the technical training of laboratory personnel in instrumental techniques.


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